Policies After Dark


Renfaire After Dark is not your typical Renaissance Faire. It is geared specifically for an adult crowd with a guttural sense of humor. You will experience crude language, partial nudity, suggestive situations, and alcohol consumption. If this doesn’t sound like the best time ever… then RAD probably isn’t for you.

With that in mind, we want this to be a safe and enjoyable event for everyone so there are a few rules you should know…


Captain Black imprisoned for not following the policies of Renfaire After Dark.
Captain Black imprisoned for not following the policies of Renfaire After Dark.

NO PHOTOS… In order for all out guests to feel safe from social media backlash due to unwanted photos Renfaire After Dark will have a strict no photography policy. All guests will be given a sticker to cover the aperture of their phones at the gate. Anyone who is seen without their sticker cover or who attempts to take pictures within the Faire grounds will be escorted from the property, including the camp ground. There will be no warnings and guests will sign an acknowledgement of this policy at the entrance gate. Signs will be posted so you know once you have entered the photography free zone. Please respect this policy and your fellow patrons so everyone can enjoy the fun.

Note – You can still take home photographic memories from Renfaire After Dark to keep and share as you feel comfortable. There will be an enclosed area available for taking pictures with only the people you would like taking pictures or being in them with you. If you remove the sticker from your phone to take pictures in the photo booth and new sticker will be provided when you exit.

NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL… Please do not bring outside alcohol into the festival site proper.

NO SMOKING… outside of designated areas. There will be locations within the village where you are allowed to smoke. They will be marked on your map and signs will be posted. Please be courteous to your fellow patrons by smoking only in these areas.

NO DOGS, CATS, OR GERBILS… are aloud within the Faire Grounds themselves for this event. HOWEVER, you can keep a pet or pets at your campsite to spend the night with you. If you do bring your pet to stay at the campground there are a few rules to follow.

  • All pets must be leashed or confined to your campsite and under complete control at all times.
  • All animals must have proof of rabbies vaccinations within 3yrs (tags are sufficient).
  • Aggressive behavior toward other campers will not be tolerated.
  • Pet owners are required to report any accident to the Fair Management personnel immediately.
  • Pet owners are required to clean up after their pets and dispose of waste in the designated receptacles.

NO WEAPONS… Renfaire After Dark is a night of drunken debauchery, but not ARMED drunken debauchery. Weapons of any kind will not be allowed into the Faire. While there may be weapons available for purchase, any purchases made will need to be taken off the grounds immediately or picked up after the event.


Due to the nature of this event our Security team will be out in force to keep everyone safe and out of trouble. They are there to help and will be very easily identified. If at any point you need help, feel threatened, or unsafe please seek them, or a cast member, out. If you want to avoid any trouble with them… please be respectful of your fellow patrons, our performers, models, staff, and the law.


Costumes of any and all sorts are not required but they are welcome. Come out in your jeans, ren-garb, cosplays, body paint, or whatever you would like as long as it is legal in a public space (this means an undergarment of some sort and pasties for women is the bare minimum).