Third Weekend – Pirates and Wenches

What an incredible Faire season this has been so far, and with only our third weekend left to go, we are both excited to experience the fun that Pirate Weekend always is… but also sad that Faire will soon be over for the year. So, with that in mind let’s get into what this weekend has to offer:

Pirates and Pets?

Third weekend is the benefit days for Animal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL). $5 per any adult ticket purchased from using ARLs code will go to benefit this incredible organization. Also, we will be hosting a pet costume contest on Sunday ONLY at 2:30pm in the feast hall! Prizes will be awarded for best pet costume and for best owner/pet combination costume. The costume does not have to be Renaissance or Pirate themed but we have been certainly seeing a lot of cool RenPets so far this season!

New Acts this Weekend:

Order of Wrath – Ever wanted to hit someone full force with a sword, or an axe? Well, we’re the guys to talk to! we wear historically accurate, and documented armor that weighs anywhere from 60-80lbs and beat each other up in tournament form with medieval weapons! It is a dangerous sport, and injuries do occur. But that’s also why we have armor!

ScallyWags – Since the dawn of time, there have been few certainties. The sky is blue, water is wet, and The ScallyWags are twisted. For the last two decades there have been ScallyWags Pirate comedy shows in many locations. Now, for the first time at Sleepy Hollow, the ScallyWags pirate comedy show, where Captain Hook is the hero, Yoda leads the Red Eye knights, King Arthur found the grail , Game shows are fun again, and a script is just a reference guide.

Third Weekend Schedule:

Third Weekend GridThird Weekend Map

We are so excited for our third and final weekend of the year and we hope to see you all there!

-The Sleepy Hollow Team