Rowdy Activities Abound

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General ActivitiesGet romantic at Renfaire After Dark.

  • Henna – Get a beautiful Henna Tattoo to show off all night long.
  • Axe Throwing – Show off your barbarian side at the Axe Throwing Tournament at 2pm on Saturday, preferably before you have had too much ale.
  • Knife Thowing – Hone your knife throwing skills for the tournament at 3pm on Saturday… while you can still throw straight.
  • Pirate Paintball – Avast, ye land lubbers! Grab your weapon and fire REAL paintballs at pirates! We’re relying on you to hold them off, else they may grab our booty!
  • Haunted House – Explore a damp, dark torture chamber… then venture deeper into Marrick Castle than has ever been allowed during a renaissance event. Find your way through a maze of catacombs, ancient burial tombs, graveyards, and more. Come face to face with a giant fire-breathing dragon, as well as the many blood-sucking residents of the castle. Can you find your way out?Haunted castle at Renfaire After Dark
  • 13 Gates Fog Maze – Find your way through a dark, foggy maze.
  • Artist Den – Ear ye, Ear ye…  try painting like Van Gogh. The Renaissance was a time of art and culture, but we don’t have any of that so we would like to see what you can do in our Artist Den.
    • Make your mark on our giant canvas mural with paints and markers. Help us create an artistic, and probably very lewd, memory for everyone to enjoy.
    • Live Nude Models (or as nude as models can legally be in public) are waiting to give you inspiration for your next masterpiece. Grab a drink and choose between doing a pencil drawing or finger painting to capture the beauty of the human form. You are also welcome to bring your own drawing materials or set up. 

The Pub Crawl

Patrons will rotate between three different locations that have their own entertainment, contests, and drinks! Stay with your color coded group and move to a new location each hour to see it all… or move around the park as you see fit and find your favorite pub. This takes place from 5pm-8pm. Visit the schedule for more information.

The Taverns:

Anne Bonney’s Blue Room
Black Beards Chest
Barbarossa Brothers Tavern


$3,000 in cash and prizes!

The Big Dig

$1000 dollars in cash and prizes

The Pirate King and Queen don’t remember where they buried their treasure. Come down to the beach between 4pm and 5pm on Saturday, we’ll give you a shovel, and whatever you find you keep!

Note – This contest involves digging in the sand, you will get dirty.

Wet Chemise Contest

Wet Chemise contest to be held at Renfaire After Dark$500/1st Prize

The preliminaries for this contest will be held during the Pub Crawl at Anne Bonney’s Blue Room with Better than Nun and Clearly Guilty. The Finals will take place during the Dinner Show. All contestants will be given a RenFaire after Dark T-shirt which they can choose to wear for the contest in place of their own white shirt or chemise. Do keep in mind if you participate you will be getting wet so bring spare clothes to change into or white shirt or chemise you don’t mind getting wet (twice if you are a finalist).

Body Paint Contest

$500/1st prize

Think you would look great in body paint? You can either do your own paint and wear it to the event or your can hire one of our on site artists to paint you from Noon-5pm during the faire and before the judging. The preliminaries for this contest will be held during the Pub Crawl at Black Beards Chest with the Scallywags Little Beard and Robin plus the Rum Runners. The Finals will take place during the Dinner Show.

Click here to find out more about our onsite body paint artists and to sign up for a time slot.

Kilt Contest

$500/1st Prize

Who has the sexiest legs and buns in a kilt?  The preliminaries for this contest will be held during the Pub Crawl at Barbarossa Brothers Tavern with the Bawdy Bucaneers and 3 Pints Gone. The Finals will take place during the Dinner Show.

Best Costume Contest

$300/1st prize

This contest will take place during the Dinner and a Show from 8pm-10pm so be sure to be around if you would like to participate. This contest will be judged based on a popular vote so show up ready to wow the crowd.

Open Mic Dirty Limerick Contest

$200/1st prize

This contest will take place during the Rockin’ Glo Gala’s band break, if you would like to participate be sure to stick around the dance tent between 10:45pm and 12:45am.

Rockin’ Glo GalaClose out the Renfaire After Dark with our Rockin' Glo Gala

Be prepared to be transported into the future to close out the night with live musical performance from The Sons of Gladys Kravitz. Dance like it’s 2017 at the Rockin’ Glo Gala from 10:45pm-12:45am.