Village Merchants

Keep an eye out for 12th Annual Renaissance Faire at Sleepy Hollow’s 2017’s lineup of fine merchants! Looking for something specific, but didn’t find it at the festival last year? Be sure to Contact Us and let us know! Our merchants want to carry items you want to buy!

Do you sell a product you think would be right at home at our Faire? For more details please read and fill out our vendor application.

2016 Merchant List

Weekends Attending

Merchant Information

1-3 La Gazza Pazza
“Fyne feathers” (clothing) for lords and ladies!
1 Custom-Made Tiaras by Jill Kragie
1-3 Weapons of the Wood
Wooden weapons for children of all ages.
1-3 The Bawdy Shoppe
Piratical wares handmade by wenches.
2-3 Blood of Dragons
Limited edition prints by fantasy artist Tyler Walpole.
1-3 Boar’s Head Leather
Fine handcrafted leather products made in the USA.
1-3 Goin’ A Viking
1 Ends-N-Odds
Handcrafted products for home, hobby, and health.
1-3 Fairy Tales and Fantasy
Children’s items, including Usborne Books.
1-3 Queen Victoria’s Secret
Corsets, under things, and baby things.
1-3 Dorlemagne’s
A Renaissance for home and garden.
1-3 Fox Hollow
Everyone’s clothing store!
1-3 Dragon Mine
Treasures for rockhounds (as well as children).
1-3 Hissing Serpent
An emporium of the curious—for the curious!
1-3 Rogue Maille
Chainmail jewelry and more.
1-3 Dundee Bee Honey
The best honey in the Midwest!
1-3 Highland Princess Designs & Grumpy Gnome Naturals
Baskets and balms, chainmail and more.
1-3 Joyas Melitas & Not The Usual
1-3 Whacka Knight
Boffer combat for children of all ages!
1-3 Medieval Farmer’s Market (Apple Orchard, etc)
1-3 Dead on Target
Weapons and more.
1-3 Lords of Leather
Fine handcrafted leather goods.
1-3 The Glass Bee Hive
Artisan-quality stained glass and glass beads.
1-3 EaGenie’s Scots ’n Knots
“Fyne” clothing and accessories.
1-3 The Likely Lotus
Renaissance clothing for everyone.
1-3 Fyne Hats by Felicity
Headgear crafted for past ages and present fashion!
1-3 The Potter’s House
Classic pottery of timeless style.
1-3 Hammer & Thread
Handcrafted costume and reenactment leather goods.
1-3 Celtic Creations
Fine merchandise featuring Celtic themes.
1-3 Oakheart Armory
Theatrical-quality arms and armor for cosplay, film, and more!
1 & 3 Queen’s Bibs & Bobs
Costumes and accessories for all ages.
1-3 Panlora’s Box
Adorable, one-of-a-kind “critters” for kids and collectors.
1-3 Skins & Scents
1-2 Author Stormy Smith
1-3 Dragonrose Designs
1-3 IA Henna
1-2 A Pinch of Pixie Dust
Fairy costumes and accessories.
3 Wondering Wands
1-3 Dragon’s Horde
1-3 Van Wijk Winery
Free wine tasting from an Iowa winery!
1-3 Flower Fynery
A streetside cart offers flowers for the fair!
1-3 The Traveling Crafters
Handmade wares of hemp and other fibers.
1-3 White Knight Arms
Goods for the knight in everyone!
1-3 The Whimsy Cellar
Trinkets and baubles galore!
1 & 3 Gypsy Pottery
Ceramic jewelry and beaded flowers.
1-3 Buffalo Annie’s
Custom leather works and handcrafted knives.
1 Gypsy Cats
A not-for-profit cat rescue organization run by a belly dancer!
1-3 Gypsy Moon Trading Company
Belly dance accessories, natural stone jewlery, Tibetan silver, and more.
1-3 Nowadays
Antiques and essential oils—oh my!
1-3 Linda Leigh- Spiritual Insights
This highly regarded psychic intuitive helps people find peace.
3 Hearthstone Arts